Some Easy Lighting Idea For Your Home Exterior


Lighting the exterior of your home is just as important as lighting the interior. To begin with, it is an important security feature, since it allows you to see anything that happens outside the house. There is also the simple functionality of visibility at night. We have some great choices today — from practical exterior sconces to rather exotic tiki torches.

Here are some easy options you can follow:

#1. Put up string lightsWho said string lights are only for festivals? Put them all through the year if that’s what you want! Or you can use them on special occasions, like a party. The best part is that you can put them virtually anywhere — over the tree in your backyard, on the porch or around the posts on your deck. String lights bring an instant cheer that can liven up your home (and party) instantly.

#2. Hanging lightsThese are both pretty and functional. You can get hanging lights in many designs that can work with a range of decor styles — from contemporary, traditional, transitional, cottage and rustic. With glass cases in a metal frame, these hanging lights can be both stylish and elegant. In a more elaborate style, one can even opt for chandelier.

#3. Ceiling mounts: Exterior lights can be attached to the ceiling, especially outside the front door. Here the light is important to illuminate the house entry and allow us to see whoever is standing outside. Similarly, such lights can be placed at the back of the house.

#4. Path lightsThese are important if you have a fairly long driveway. You can put discreet lights along the path on the ground. The mellow, discreet lighting will be enough to illuminate the way. You can also opt for taller landscape lighting with interesting patterns, forming interesting accents on their own. However, this is more suitable with a long pathway.

#5. Hi-tech lightsThere are somewhat hi-tech lights that you can place in both your front and backyard. These include remote-controlled lights as well as motion sensor lights. You can also opt for battery operated motion or remote controlled lights for those remote corners where you have no wiring.

#6. Patio lights: The patio and deck, obviously, cannot be ignored. We use these areas for many purposes — parties, barbecues, some quiet time or dinner. Some visibility, hence, would be welcome! Ideally, the area should have a dual layer — ambient lights around the perimeter is required and subtle mood lighting with step lights, string lights, discreetly placed exterior scones and so on.

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