Decorating Your Home with Wall Art

You found the perfect apartment. You bought the comfiest couch, the sleekest kitchen table, and a couple of swanky side tables to complete your nest. You settle in and discover you’re your white walls are starring back at you…What do you do?

Choosing wall art can be an arduous process especially with so many questions. What size? How many? What shopping outlets exist past the local art fair? What about matting and framing?

What images should I look for?

Photography, especially black and white, is growing in acceptance among art enthusiasts and decorators alike. Shoppers can choose from more than 100 original prints from places like Paris, Prague and New York and frame the image right on the site. Each city comes in a series, so finding six or seven prints to fill an entire wall can be a piece of cake.

How many and what size pieces should I hang?

First, look at the size of the wall. Is it short, long or very tall? For long wall, consider hanging six or seven 16 by 20s in a row with minimal spacing, like three inches, between them. For shorter walls, consider a montage effect with a couple large and smaller-sized pieces stacked in an irregular fashion. For tall walls, consider a few large pieces – somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 inches by 40 inches. Decorators can add dimension to their walls by adding shelving to house art. Hang art from the wall, prop it on a shelf – get creative!

What framing and matting options should I chose?

The most intimidating part of decorating your walls is choosing the right frame to complement both the image and your home décor. Begin by choosing neutral frames in metal or wood. Often a thin black frame is the most complimentary to both the art and your décor.

It is most important that you have your art properly matted. No, the white border around your image will not suffice. Choose a nice quality white matt board and you will increase the beauty and the value of your images.

Choosing wall art does not have to be hard. Just follow these tips, grab a hammer and nails, and your decorating process will be simple and sweet.