Opting for Timber Bi Fold Doors

With the many options, available these days for doors, it becomes tempting to think of changing the existing ones. These timber bi fold doors can offer a totally new look to your home, even if you do not opt for total renovation. Besides being compact, bi fold doors give a sense of space and using timber for these you are assured that these will not be damaged even in harsh weather conditions. Besides this you have a wide choice in finishes, tones and colors to choose from.

Natural insulator

There are multiple choices in the materials for bi fold doors, but by opting for the timber bi fold doors, you will not only be looking at providing security for your home but also insulating it as timber is a natural insulator. This helps in saving on the utility bills in your home or even in the office. Your home tends to stay on the warmer side in winters and cooler in harsh summers.

Environmental friendly

Timber is considered as a resource which is sustainable with a carbon footprint. In other words, timber releases oxygen and tends to store carbon. This is a positive as the environment is safe guarded.

Long lasting

Timber is one material which is sturdy and strong, making it last for a long period of time. Minor scratches or damage can be easily repaired.

Listed below are some reasons for opting for timber bi fold doors.

  1. Most homeowners are very particular about the looks of a home. Keeping this factor in mind, you can be assured that timber bi fold doors are appealing and can blend well with any décor as you have a wide choice in the different styles, designs, colors, finishes and more.
  2. Timber bi fold doors can be easily maintained with a little effort for regular cleaning.
  3. As compared to other doors, these bi fold doors tend to be more flexible. With the right type of these doors you can open them to a large width within the specific frame.
  4. As compared to sliding doors, bi fold doors utilize less space when opened. This is due to the fact that these tend to concertina on themselves instead of sliding behind another door.
  5. The locking system in these doors is on different points along the track. As compared to other doors, the security level with the timber bi fold doors is much higher.
  6. Timber bi fold doors maximize the light entering your home, immaterial whether they are closed or opened. A room with natural light is good place to spend time in.
  7. Installation of these doors can help you bring the outdoors in side. You can enjoy the outside while being inside the house.

Choosing a manufacturer of timber bi fold doors

As these doors, have gained popularity with the passing of time, there are multiple manufacturers offering these. You need to make sure you are provided with the different choices of the colors, finishes and designs and styles, so that you can choose as per your requirement. You can also search online and compare the different prices before you settle on a specific manufacturer. You also need to make sure of the size and the number of panels required before you buy a timber bi fold door. Reputation of a company can make a whole lot of difference to the quality and you will get a ‘proper’ guarantee/warranty for their products and services.

Considering all the above factors it is advisable to opt for timber bi fold doors, when you either renovating your home or even opting for a new home.

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