Selling Your Home? Top Tips to Choosing a Property Stylist


Putting your home on sale can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. The first step is to declutter. Are you looking at major structural renovation which includes pulling down significant amount of walls, redoing the entire kitchen and flooring of the property? Are you doing everything to create an impact? Try to start as early as possible, as it requires a lot of time and effort.

There are lots of decisions to make and it might seem daunting. Have you obsessed over some of the home styling images you have seen over the internet — how to rejuvenate your home, how to sell, how to find potential buyers? Is your home going to make the best first impression? How do you make sure it creates the impact that you hope it will? Will it match their modern sense of aesthetics? How do you boost the value of your house? To answer all these and more, it is best to choose an expert in the domain of property styling in Brisbane, Brisbane Makeover Co. (BMC),are an award-winning team of specialists when it comes to resuscitating properties and residential rejuvenation, in a cost-effective manner.

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Top traits to look for when choosing a property stylist

When you are starting the process of putting your house on the market, you have to choose the right person to do the job for you. Preparing the home immediately and revitalising the entire place is important to make a swift sale. An expert in the field takes less time to research the current market, create clever floor plans to rejuvenate the space, maximise your house value, de-clutter the space, and strategically buy department store furniture clearance in Brisbane, the real estate market is slowing down and an expert can clearly help make your home stand out on the market. These are the top things you should look for when hiring them:

#1. Pricing: They should be able to give you great value in return for your investment. Check to see if they are quoting very low rates, then you need to check the style of furniture they use, to make sure that it is customised to fit the aesthetics of your home. After all, you get what you pay for.

#2. Attention to detail: Does your stylist have a passion for colours, textures, shapes and a love for creating beautiful spaces? They should have a sharp eye to notice the smallest detail.

#3. Portfolio: It is essential to go through their portfolio for pictures of completed projects. It will give you an idea about the home styling they have experience in, and what to expect.

#4. Creativity: They will have a great range of presentation techniques. Have a look at their websites, social media accounts to grasp the kind of creativity they have on offer.A varied range of style will boost the house on the market.

#5. Functional: They should be able to work with all ranges of homes. Their portfolio should cover a variety of residential projects. They should be able to quickly resolve problems as and when they arise. They should have the ability to evoke an emotional response from the house they are staging.

#6. Easy to work with: You should be able to communicate your requirements with them. They should make you feel comfortable and at ease. They should work with your budget and customise your property, accordingly. Your questions should be addressed and you should be updated constantly on what the next step is.

#7. Reputation to stage and sell quickly: They should have an excellent idea of how the real market works and how long it takes to stage and sell a home. Real estate qualifications are definitely necessary.

#8. Great Reviews: Do they give good returns for their previous clients? Go through the testimonials of clients, it will give you an idea of how they work, don’t you think?

#9 Education: The best stylists would hold a degree in interior design, interior styling or interior architecture from a good university. They will have excellent hold on real estate and a background in marketing would be a major plus.

Make an informed decision with the help of these tips. Do you have your home styling needs sorted out with the help of an expert? If you don’t, you can follow all that has been discussed here to effectively bag your home the value it deserves.