5 Tips When Hiring a Paving Contractor



Do you own a commercial establishment or a restaurant? Any business that caters to a lot of customers such as a coffee shop, a diner or a restaurant should be able to provide convenience for their potential customers. And a lot of times we all think that growing a business is just in being able to deliver excellent service and a great product. However, what we all tend to overlook is the value of small things that actually offer great convenience such as an available and efficient parking space.

You might think that the lack of parking spaces is a petty problem but actually, a lot of businesses lose customers to insufficient and poor quality parking spaces. Nobody wants to spend a lot of time driving around and waiting for a parking space to free up. If you don’t want to get kicked out of the competition because of poor parking options, then begin planning how you can improve your parking lot. To help you with this, we have rounded up five things that you should consider before hiring a paving contractor.

#1. Check their customer reviews

If you have friends and family who has a positive experience with a contractor that they’ve hired in the past, it’s usually a viable candidate. Otherwise, you can check for customer reviews online but make sure to also read the negative ones if they have any. Furthermore, companies who have been in the business for quite a long time are typically more experienced and more skillful in handling paving projects in your locality. Nonetheless, it is still best to ask them relevant questions and search for reviews and trusted references just to be certain.

#2. Ask for proof of license and insurance

If you now have a selected contractor, ask for relevant documents such as their license to make sure they are compliant with the industry’s standards. Moreover, ask them if they have insurance. You would want to protect yourself from liabilities in case of an accident especially that the workers will be dealing with potentially hazardous chemicals. The last thing you want is to be held liable for an accident that happens on your property.

Aside from this, be sure that you have clarified the scope and coverage of the project. This is especially important when working on any project so as to avoid possible future conflicts.

#3. Check the structural design

Structural design is critical for commercial parking lots compared to residential driveways. This is because the traffic load is also different. Not only numerous cars will be using the pavement, but as well as delivery trucks that could be heavily loaded. For these reasons, parking lots need a thicker subgrade which should be compacted properly to assure the strength and durability of the finished surface. Since parking lots are meant for commercial application, a simplified design is enough. What you should be more concerned about is the quality of your parking space such that if it is serving its purpose well.

#4. Check if they have the right equipment and materials

As mentioned previously, we should take a lot of caution in knowing whether your contractor has the necessary equipment and high-quality materials to do the project. Check if they are well-equipped because this is essential in building a strong foundation for your parking lot. Without the right tools, they wouldn’t be able to properly compact the subgrade and you wouldn’t want to end up with soft spots that could eventually sink over time.

#5. Allow adequate drainage

Drainage is one of the major issues that lead to pavement failure. Hence, ensure that you have adequate drainage to prevent water puddles that could penetrate the surface and break the subgrade. Your pavement must be strategically sloped to drain away water from the surface. This is a vital feature for commercial parking lots so make sure not to miss this one out.

Again, parking spaces are significant in business establishments and should be considered in delivering total quality service. Having a polished, well-structured, and ample parking space can mean a world of difference to customers hence, see to it that you include this the next time you’re assessing your business’s overall service.

For business owners looking to find a paving contractor for their parking lot needs, make sure to follow these 5 easy tips to get the best out of your project. Personally, I have repaired my commercial parking lot with the help of a trustworthy, reliable, and affordable local paving contractor. It’s time to also find yours.

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