Ideas for the Perfect Summer Garden

Throughout the summery months, the garden is one of the best places to sit back, relax and soak up some rays. It doesn’t matter whether your garden is large or small, there are so many ways in which you can make the most of your outdoor areas and enjoy the sunshine. In order to do so, it’s important to capture the right atmosphere you want to get from your garden and design a space that will work best for you.

Summer Garden

If you’re a sociable person who counts down the days to summer so that you can throw a number of garden parties, then your garden needs to reflect your interests and be functional and practical. Dedicating a specific section of your garden to social activity is a really good way to ensure you can get the most from it. Having a section of the garden that has a decked or paved area will enable you to enjoy your garden, even if the weather has been slightly rainy and the grass is wet. Decking is ideal for having your table and chairs somewhere firm and secure, as well as adding character to your garden. if you don’t currently have decking, but feel it would work really well with your garden, finding your local timber merchants would be great for giving you an idea of what you could do with your space and how you could utilise it well.

Investing in some garden furniture is an excellent way of creating the perfect summer spot to socialise with friends and family. Items such as tables and chairs will give you the ideal space to enjoy a glass of wine in the sun, or host a fabulous barbeque for everyone on the street. The great thing about outdoor furniture is that you have the ability to enjoy your garden properly, without having to drag the kitchen chair outside when the sun peaks through the clouds, to grab a little bit of a tan. Other items such as a barbeque and fire pit can really create a fun, exciting space, as this open you up too many more opportunities, and enables you to enjoy your garden right through the evening when the sun has gone down and the weather has got a little cooler.

Paddling Pool in Garden

If you have little ones, there are hundreds of ways in which you can add touches of summer to your garden. One very fun, easy addition is a paddling pool. By purchasing a paddling pool, you are able to give your little ones a place to have fun and cool down, as well as adding a little extra character to your garden. Other items such as a swing set, slide, swing-ball and football net will give your children a reason to get outside into the fresh air and soak up that Vitamin D.

Storage is always a very useful feature when it comes to the garden, as you never really know what the weather is going to do. Having access to some outdoor storage is ideal for placing items like garden furniture, tools and toys, keeping them close to hand whenever needed. There are some great ways to incorporate storage into your garden, such as summer houses and sheds. Metal buildings can add a lovely touch of character to your garden as well as a very practical touch. They are also very easy to build and are durable.

Finally, when trying to capture the perfect summery feel within your garden, you can add pretty accessories to create the perfect atmosphere and look. Adding items such as fairy lights, lanterns, candles and other gorgeous features will add character and personal style to the garden. Having gentle glowing lights or candles will help to create an enchanting feel and the atmosphere will be perfect.