Reasons Why Your Bathroom Smells and Natural Ways to Fix it

Our bathroom is one of the busiest rooms in the house and it’s normal that it can get a bit smelly sometimes. You don’t need to be ashamed of it, but there is no doubt that it can be pretty frustrating. Most of us consider our bathrooms to be the least favorite area we want to clean.

You tried your very best to deep clean, open the windows, and leave the fan on, but the smell won’t just go away. You may spray the room down with unnatural scents, but you’re just concealing one odor with another.

There is a solution on this without depending on eerie chemicals to eliminate a gross bathroom smell, the natural way. We listed some proven ideas you may do to fix that problem. So put down that chemical spray right now and try these natural alternatives instead.

Baking soda

Baking soda normally doesn’t have a certain smell, but it’s an effective ingredient that sucks up bad odors. You can simply fill a bowl or mason jar with a baking soda and just leave it uncovered in the bathroom. Baking soda comes with a neutralizing element that will quickly soak up and abolish the unwanted smell you want to get rid of. If you don’t like how the jar filled with baking soda looks in your bathroom, then try to decorate it or cover it up with something more pleasing to the eyes.

Once a month, you may want to remove and replace the baking soda so it can maintain neutralizing your bathroom smell effectively as possible.

How to use: counters, tile, shower, tub, and toilet

Cleaning the toilet can take a lot of patience but your baking soda can make your job easier. You can mix the soda with water through the dirt and grease. It is capable of polishing and scrubbing stubborn stains. You may put eight teaspoons of soda into the pan and simply leave it overnight. You may also sprinkle the soda to damp cloth to clean the toilet seat and tank, then clean it with a wet cloth.

Whether it’s your counter, tile, or tub, we suggest that you use microfiber for all of them. Other than that, you may also use a 50/50 vinegar/water solution to clean them, even the soap scum in the shower.

If there are tough stains or gunk in the shower and tub, you may use a baking soda and water paste or use vinegar instead of water if you want it to be a lot easier.

Create your own potpourri

A DIY potpourri is a great way to smarten up your bathroom and get rid of the bad smells at the same time. You may want to go to your local grocery store for all kinds of naturally scented ingredients at the local grocery store such as vanilla, cinnamon, paprika, orange peels, pine cloves, lemon slices, orange peels, or rose petals, and so much more.


Just have a bunch of different smells you prefer and throw them together in an elegant bowl or crockpot. Organize them the way you want them and blend and blend the scents until you come up with a combination you like, and switch it out every couple weeks. Take note that you throw away old ingredients because you don’t want to end up with another bad smell.

Essential oils

Ever wonder why flowers smell great? It’s because they have essential oils. These oils are natural and very aromatic since they smell like the “essence” of the plant they’re obtained from. Essential oils are usually used to create soaps, perfumes, soap, flavoring, and even incenses.

Homes today use scent diffusers that use essential oils as their main ingredient. Household diffusers are becoming more popular in homes and you have so many options of essential oils in the market, giving you plenty of amazing smells to pick from.


You can find plenty of affordable diffusers at your nearest hardware and department stores and just simply plug them into the wall sockets of your bathroom. If you don’t like the idea of diffusers, you may make your own air freshener by putting cotton balls into a glass vase and soaking them with the essential oils of your choice.

Fill the glass with some hot water on top of the oil and the smell will instantly circulate in your bathroom. You may decorate the glass vase to make it pleasing to the eyes as a display at the same time.

Eucalyptus leaves

Known as “gum trees”, these Eucalyptus trees are native to Australia which have leaves that have a unique, satisfying smell identical to pine or mint. Their leaves have oils which can be extracted. The leaves have rich concentrations of oil so they would really smell great naturally even before extraction.


You may hang dried eucalyptus branches in your bathroom as a cheap, low-maintenance way of getting rid of the foul odor in your bathroom. The hot, moist air can help wring out the oil in dried leaves, refreshing the pleasant eucalyptus smell every time you bathe. You can also float the leaves on the water in a glass bowl. It doesn’t really matter what manner you use them, eucalyptus leaves will definitely add some natural, contemporary style to your bathroom and remove bad odors as well.

These tips are very easy and are a great solution to bathroom troubles. If you think your air fresheners, candles, and all sorts of sprays don’t do their jobs, then you may want to consider trying one of these natural ways instead.

Author Bio: Ivandrea Ollero is a resident writer for PAAL Kit Homes, one of Australia’s kit home leaders that offers a range of flexible kit house designs options. She researches and write custom content about home improvements, finance, law, travel, fashion, and beauty. She graduated from St. Scholastica’s College, Manila, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2016.

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