Learn About All The Latest Trends In Architectural Services

Now, who would not love to see some shine and glitter in their interiors – be it in their office or their homes? Yes, that surely adds some elegance and a touch of refinement, which every owner would love to see in their interiors. Hence, if you were planning on renovating or setting up a home or office for the first time just make sure you do not forget to add that touch of sophistication and grace with the help of architectural services.

The Values of Metal Finishing in Architectural Services

The place of electroplating in architectural services has gained immense popularity over the last few years. Metal has taken the place of many building materials over the years and this has resulted in the need for electroplating to keep the metal protected. This in turn preserves the life of the metal.

And, when you use metal finishes then you must make use of electroplating in architectural services. This has been widely used in the form of curved panels, wire meshes and coils. It is used in different places like restaurants, bars, malls, shops, cruise ships and even at homes. Its reason for being implemented is specifically related to its longevity. Apart from its extended life span, it also serves many other purposes like it could make your structure cost-effective, eco-friendly and extremely versatile. It can be moulded and given any shape, unlike wood.

Electroplating in architectural services is also very effective and reliable as a procedure. Since, they are highly durable the rate of their adaptability is increasing yearly.

What Is Electroplating in Architectural Services?

Now, if you analyze the term carefully you will without much further explanation, can easily understand that it is the changing of the surface of the base material to magnify the finish. It is done with the help of three techniques that are very commonly employed by service providers. These techniques are electroless plating, dipping in chemical baths and electroplating.

If you have chosen to take the help of proficient service providers, then they will be in a position to help you choose the right method of electroplating suitable for your architectural services. And, since they come in different forms you will more specifically need their services.

The Benefits of Electroplating in Architectural Services

Here are all the benefits which you need to know before hiring architectural services according to your requirement:

  • If you want a corrosion-free surface then looking towards metal finishing could be the right option.
  • And, if your surface is given an extra coat with some protective material then it sure will increase the strength of the surface.
  • The extremes of any temperature will not get to your metal base.
  • And, with all that glitter and shine the aesthetics could improve a lot.
  • It remains protected from chemicals.
  • Friction is reduced visibly.
  • It is radiation-resistant.
  • Due to coating oxidation is prevented.
  • Plating helps in the improvement of electrical conductivity.
  • When you want to dress your weld, you can use electroplating.
  • Plating also helps to cover all the imperfections and make the surface smoother.
  • You can get your painting job ready with the help of electroplating and, which helps the paint to settle significantly faster.
  • Now if you do not want a matte finish in your interiors, then electroplating in architectural services could be your call.
  • Finally, you would have something in your interior that is relatively low cost in its maintenance.

The Standard Industrial Plating Finishes

Now it is time to get to the finishes of the metals in architectural services. There are many types of finishes that you can choose from:

  • Zinc plating – It is a coating of the metal with zinc. It is one of the cheapest materials available for the purpose.
  • Chrome plating – It is completed using chromic acid and trivalent chromium baths on the metal surface.
  • Nickel plating – It is suitable for electroless plating.
  • Gold plating – High in electrical conductivity and resistant to oxidation it is also another popular choice although a bit expensive.
  • Silver plating – It is cost-effective being cheaper than gold, and it is another popular choice nowadays.


Now, that you have walked through the various types of metal finishes in architectural services and have knowledge of their benefits, hopefully, you are better disposed to understand which sort of finish would suit your interiors best.