Bathroom Benchtop: Adds Value to Your Home

In a bathroom, the most noticeable and important thing is the bathroom benchtop. It has to deal with a lot of things in the bathroom, so it is very important to have a sturdy and low maintenance bench top. There are certain things which can have an effect on the bathroom benchtops; they are straighteners and hot hair dryers, cosmetics, dyes, toiletries, cleaning products etc. You have to choose a bench top that goes well with your bathroom. Here are some options from which you can choose the most suitable one for your bathroom beautification:

Types of bathroom benchtop

  1. Natural stone: Benchtop made of natural stones such as marble or granite is a popular option, but they need proper maintenance on a regular basis
  2. Solid surface: These are basically plastic blocks made of acrylic polymer. It is used for a multiple purpose as it can fashion into any shape of your desire. You will get the solid surface in a variety of solid colors. They are also available in a stone look pattern
  3. Timber: They have a very attractive and beautiful look but needs proper maintenance regularly
  4. Ceramic: It is a popular choice for bench tops that is used in bathrooms as it can be easily cleaned and is available in variety of styles
  5. Engineered stone: They are also known as reconstituted stone or composite stone. They are a combination of granite, quartz, glass or marble with the polymer resin. It is resistant to scratching, acid, staining and chipping
  6. Laminate: This is a versatile option which is a little costly and it is not a good choice for wet areas because moisture can lift the laminate after a while.

Know about the services that you can get from the best benchtop dealers

There are a number of dealers in the market who has been providing quality granite and marble bathroom benchtops for several years.

  • You will get a variety of designs from which you can choose the best one for your bathroom. They are cost effective too.
  • For viewing the samples, you can visit the nearest showrooms where you will get help from the executives for choosing the best material that suits your needs
  • The materials that they provide are all quality materials which have long time guarantee
  • These quality materials such as quartz, marble, engineered stone, limestone and granite bench tops brings personality and tenderness to your bathroom
  • They are very sturdy and functional and have unique artistic beauty that is very much pleasing to everyone

Superior material and workmanship will never go out of trend. Durable surfaces will continue looking great while adding value to your home. These dealers are successfully providing engineered stone and marble granite for renovation and installation purposes.


Some modern variations of benchtops

Nowadays with the change of lifestyle, the decoration of our interior has also faced a lot of changes and it can be well said that the integration of benchtops within the deccor of the bathrooms is a live example of the facts mentioned above. Here we will discuss about such changes and variations in our bathroom benchtops:

  • Iron bark recycled bench tops
  • Bench tops made of sleek stone
  • Mosaic bench tops
  • Dark timber bench tops
  • Concrete bathroom bench top
  • Wood and concrete combination benchtop

So, from the above mentioned points, it is quite evident that the benchtops for bathrooms not only represent the modern taste of interior decoration, they also offer great convenience in terms of storing and placing things. These bench tops come in different variations and people should choose the right type as per their choice and need.

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