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Plumbing Problems You Shouldn’t Procrastinate


You might not know it but a lot of plumbing problems cause damages in your home you would never imagine. This happens when you procrastinate a plumbing problem because you don’t think it’s bad enough to fix right away. You prolly might also find regular maintenance, not a necessity. Whether you are a homeowner or not, don’t take chances. You should be able to make a good judgement if it’s worth the risk to let a plumbing problem slip your mind. We’ve collated some of the most damaging plumbing problems here for you and how it affects your home. Knowing each of them can help you prepare for its worst or at least avoid them.

Most Damaging Plumbing Problems You Need to Fix Right Away

  1. Pipe Burst – The bad news about pipe bursting is it can happen without warning and can be hard to detect when the pipe is concealed behind walls or ceilings. Unfortunately with a burst pipe, water goes out directly through the fracture rather than the taps. What makes it worse is that the water will in an instant expose your homes to long-term damage, especially in floorings and walls. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to take control of the situation as much as possible. Be on top of regular pipe inspections. This way, plumbing professionals are able to detect problems beforehand, before they turn into a pipe bursting situation. Better safe than sorry, they say! Also, saves you from potential home renovations when the problems get out of hand.
  2. Choked Drain – Most people think of clogged drains as nothing but a periodic annoyance. They may not bring enough trouble to some homes, but clogged drains are much more dangerous than they are usually considered. In most cases, the noxious buildup in your pipe is not the worst of it but the danger and damage sneaking down the drain line. When not addressed in time, you will start to have leaking pipes or even outright flooding. When it gets to this point, structural damage to your home can immediately follow and could end up with a complete home renovation. Flooding and leaks from a choked drain aren’t always detected immediately, especially if it’s a hidden leak. So, if you’re beginning to notice a slow flow in your drain, advise the professionals right away. Slow flow is a red flag that something bad is beginning to happen.
  3. Leaky Pipe – There are many good reasons to call a plumbing expert and a leaky pipe is one of them. Even a small drip adds up over time. Imagine 20 gallons of water silently seeping through your walls and onto floorings, or other structural parts of your home. It could cause irreversible structural damage that can surely put a hole in your wallet. Another thing that homeowners sometimes fail to consider when it comes to leaky pipes is the safety risk. If the leaking is close to electrical systems, this could unexpectedly start a fire. Water crawling to dark places also prompts biological contaminants to grow, as well as mould and mildew which can expose you and your family to health risks. If you don’t want to deal with the damaging effects of a leaky pipe, report the problem to a pipe relining expert right away. They should be able to seal up sections that have fractures to avoid water damage.
  4. Clogged Toilet – There is nothing more disgusting than to find your toilet, not flushing. Some toilets have a problem where they always ridiculously clog up. But this could also indicate a bigger problem down the sewer line. When your toilet has an obstruction, especially if it’s caused by tree roots, there’s a big chance that it will overflow even if you don’t flush it. That’s why it’s a terrible idea to sleep with a blocked toilet. You will not only end up with a lot of cleaning to do the next morning, but you also need to sanitise everything the blackwater touches. Keep in mind that a severely blocked toilet could not only interrupt your household but as well as leave you with a stinky, unusable toilet, and contaminated home.
  5. Blocked Sewer Line – It’s no surprise that a leaking water supply line causes several inconveniences and threats in your home, but a broken drain or sewer pipe introduces an entirely different set of risks. When your sewer line is broken, the higher the risk for sewer gas and sewage entering your home. If you have a fractured mainline running under your slab, then you have a bigger problem on your hand. When it’s not fixed in time, a void or gap will start to develop, deteriorating your home’s foundation and leading to more damaging problems like cracks, and potentially a sinkhole.

What Should You Do?

If you don’t want your home to be festered with different plumbing problems, don’t wait for a plumber to take care of things when they reach a critical point.

Keep in mind that everything comes down to how you treat your plumbing. When you take action to a problem right away as soon as you notice signs of failure, the less likely you’ll have to deal with its damaging effects. But if it has already reached a point where professional intervention is needed, call Revolution Pipe Relining right away. We’re experts in Pipe Relining Sydney and we offer different Sydney relining solutions such as pipeline relining, sewer pipe relining, drain pipe relining, cast iron pipe relining and trenchless sewer relining. All of these relining methods can fix and prepare your plumbing from the worst like potential root intrusions and leakings. If this is something you’d like to consider now, call Revolution Pipe Relining to understand your options and to get a pipe relining cost estimate.