Hotel Interiors with an Extraordinary Design Throughout the World

When we are traveling, it is not always just about the destination. A lot of times it is also about the accommodation as well. We want to stay in a beautiful hotel where every detail was carefully selected and where interior design simply takes your breath away.

The true spirit of Barcelona captured in The Soho House

When you think about Barcelona usually two things come to mind Mediterranean and Gaudi. This magical city is an epitome of unique architecture and design combined with fantastic art incorporated into every building you encounter. And the one hotel that captures this perfectly is The Soho House. Located at the edge of the famous Gothic Quarter, this hotel boasts an amazing exterior along with a unique and memorable interior. It exudes tradition with the choice of light tones and eye-catching patterns. What truly makes this hotel unique is the combination of brick and wood elements along with luxury and modern features, it’s interior is truly captivating, and spending a night at such a magnificent location is well worth your while.

The great dame of Sydney – The Old Clare

If you want to experience a part of Sydney’s rich history, this is the place for you. Having the pleasure of staying at The Old Clare Hotel is something you don’t want to miss out on. The building where this magnificent hotel is located used to be at the site of a well-worn bar and brewery. Oh, how it has transformed. The hotel consists of two parts, the front building used to be the Old Clare Hotel and it used to be known as a dive bar, the remanence of which can be seen in the music posters covering the walls. It has now been transformed into the hotel’s stunning Clare Bar. The back building was a part of the famous Tooth Brewery, one of Australia’s largest brewing houses. You can still see the entry gate of the old Tooth Brewery preserved outside the hotel. Today this site is a modern hotel, with stunning interiors, comfortable rooms and bathrooms that boast freestanding baths and modern design, and it doesn’t hurt that it is located on the Kensington Street in the modern Chippendale suburb.

Rediscover nature at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

You are probably thinking, nature, Brooklyn, are you sure? But the unique interior of this memorable hotel will truly surprise you. As soon as you enter you are greeted by a 25ft living wall comprised of figs and ferns, right in the lobby. Most of the building materials are repurposed and the hotel’s electricity comes from wind-power. In terms of interior design, you will be surprised to find a lot of reclaimed woods, rough leathers and hand-loomed textiles. But that is not all, this hotel goes above and beyond to present its eco-friendliness. From organic cotton-clad mattresses to lampshades grown from mushroom mycelium. Finally, the one thing that will truly win you over are the views from the rooms, you can expect to see either the Bridge or the Manhattan skyline, and for someone staying in New York, what more could you ask for.

So there you have it, three most beautiful hotels that you simply have to add to your list. They differ in design and architecture but are each in their own way a beautiful example of amazing interior design.